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7-9 October 2014 – Recent Developments in Transfer Pricing
26-28 May 2014 – Transfer Pricing Workshop Business Restructurings and Intangibles.
12 – 14 November 2013 - Effectiveness and Efficiency in Tax Administration (OECD)
1 – 3 October 2013 – Advanced Transfer Pricing Workshop Comparabilty and Comparability Adjustments, Financial Transactions and Services (OECD)
23 -25 July 2013 - Implementation of Transfer Pricing (OECD)
6 – 8 November 2012 - Tax Administration: Large Business Taxpayers (OECD)
23 – 25 October 2012 - Advanced Transfer Pricing Workshop
5 - 7 June 2012 – Seminar on Exchange of Information
24-26 April 2012 - Transfer Pricing Workshop (OECD)
Tax Conference organized by Ernst & Young took place in Swissotel conference center on 16 of May 2011
During 16-18 of June 2011 FTS together with OECD held seminar on “Tax administration of largest taxpayers”
International Transfer Pricing seminar is held in the FTS
International Seminar on VAT Fraud & Exchange of Information has been opened at the FTS
Mikhail V. Mishustin: «The FTS of Russia elaborated the concept of comprehensive modernization of tax authorities»
International Workshop on Tax administration of Largest Taxpayers – To receive the Maximum Effect by Using Fewer Resources
The FTS and the OECD are sharing knowledge in the area of tax administration of largest business
Mikhail Mishustin: «Tax administrations all over the world struggle for taxpayers»
The FTS Commissioner Mikhail Mishustin made a report on the Session of CCTAC CIS in Yalta
The Tax Commissioner Mikhail Mishustin delivered presentation at Conference on Taxation in CIS countries
The FTS helds the International Workshop on the Exchange of Information